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Never expected that this would be the time where I came out to my atheist acquaintance as a Christian. But I guess she already knew but just scrolled past my Christian posts without attacking me, the same way I did for her atheist anti-Christian posts cause it’s her choice to be an atheist just as it’s mine to a be a Christian and we should respect the choices of others.

I commented on the post to share some humor that it is a sin that my girl Jane Lynch was not included in the post (I knew her stance on homosexuality so I wasn’t going to destroy the peace between us by stating my own opinion when it wasn’t called for), but my friend saw the sin part and not the rest so she commented ” Sorry love is love.” but then deleted it after she saw I was joking. I had to be honest with her at that moment that I did believe homosexuality was a sin. She knows I love her, she is a smart, awesome goth chick with an amazing personality and sense of style. She is a human just like all of us.

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